Apart from the exclusive setting above the Ammersee and the rare Italian Renaissance style, when bying the unrestored villa it intriegued with classic floor plans, extremely sound structure, 60 cm thick outer walls made from prime concrete in the foundation area, massive arches and concrete ceilings above, with 45 cm tick outer walls made from brick in the other stories, and finally with the amply dimensioned roof truss. It was apparent that for the original construction by Count from Schaumburg only the best was desired and money was not an issue. This showed in every detail, up to the ample dimensions of the 3.70 m tall rooms. Even for buildings of this time, this kind of supreme quality is rare and can at most be found in castles.

The villa was completely restored in 1996/1997 to the demands of the preservation order with historic materials and modern building technology. After nearly 100 years, the exceptionally massive foundations, walls and ceilings had to be stabilized, dried up and insulated. These invisible, but for the preservation important parts were particularly well invested in. Integral part of the restoration was furthermore the removal of architectual mistakes of subsequent users.

The villa’s restoration meets a standard that can usually only be found in national and ecclesiastical buildings.


The building was to be preserved in its historic substance and apperance. The restoration included:

Building Technology

The building technology was completely renewed:

Christoph Seifert, Dießen am Ammersee, Germany, Deutschland